Customer Review on Redesigned Booner 6-Panel Hunting Blind

Customer Review on Redesigned Booner 6-Panel Hunting Blind

18th Apr 2023

Bought the blind and it took me about 3-4 hours to construct (by myself). Good instructions and all the pieces / parts were in the box. Even included a little 1'x1'x1’ cardboard box (broken down) to aid with constructing the roof. A very nice addition and emblematic of the time Maverick has spent in design! Really a well thought out product!! This is also really a high quality product!

It is obvious they have listened to requests made by customers and have tweaked the product since the initial design. I had read reviews that were 3-4 years old and nearly everything that was mentioned as a “design flaw” or something which needed correction has been made!! Window changes, door modifications, metal brackets for roof support, etc.

We haven't hunted from the blind yet but wanted to show a few of pics of the installation. It sits on a 12' tall platform we constructed which is 8'x8' in diameter (see pic of the blind sitting on the base before we put it in the air). This is the perfect footprint size for the 6 panel Booner blind. Stairs are made of 2x12's. The outside boards on the staircase are 16' long. The base itself was made of 2x8’s and 3/4” plywood. ALL of the lumber used in the construction is pressure treated.

We constructed the base and stairs and then three of us carried the already constructed Booner blind to top and screwed it down. Note that once the blind was screwed down to the base (with 3 -3” screws per panel), it is absolutely rock solid. I was actually amazed given is is a hard plastic blind! Not a bad way to get 'er done!!

Overall a fun weekend project and can't wait to spend a little time up there this upcoming fall!

Submitted by: Jeff Butler

Location: Ada, Oklahoma