A Year in the Making: Exploring Lew's Ultimate Hunting Blind

24th Aug 2023

Dedicating a year to a passion project can yield remarkable results, especially when that project involves creating the ideal hunting blind. With hours chipped away here and there, Lew embarked on a journey to assemble a hunting blind that would redefine his hunting experience. Most of the work was a one-person effort, except for building the Nex-Level platform in the field. Assembling the stairs also required an extra pair of hands. To simplify the process, Lew pre-cut all the lumber before transporting it to the field. Oddly enough, the most straightforward part of this endeavor was assembling the actual Maverick 6-Shooter blind itself.

Custom Painting: Blending In with Nature

The first thing we look at is the paint job. The interior and exterior were both primed and painted. When painting the clouds inside and the trees on the outside, Lew went looking in his daughters art kits and found the acrylic paints he needed. The assortment of mixed earth tones and green camouflage base allows the blind to seamlessly blend into its natural surroundings, ensuring you remain hidden from your prey.


Blind Support: A Foundation Built to Last

Every great structure starts with a solid foundation. The Maverick Nex-Level base with mounts made it easy. With treated lumber primed and painted, the platform was up and ready to go with the help of only one other friend. Carriage bolt construction secured in concrete footings to ensure that the hunting blind remains stable, even in challenging weather conditions.

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Solar Panel: Harnessing Nature's Energy

Our first look at the outside of the blind is the solar panel installation. This innovative addition of a solar panel serves a dual purpose: powering an interior light and providing a charging station for your essential devices. With the solar panel's sustainable energy, you can stay connected while fully embracing the outdoor experience.

Bow / Gun Hangers: Ready to Shoot

For those moments when precision and speed are essential, four large hangers await to support your chosen shooting implement or even your jackets. These hangers keep your gear within easy reach, ensuring you're prepared to take the perfect shot when the opportunity arises.

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Urinal With Piping: Convenience Redefined

Now, let's move to the interior where convenience takes center stage. The incorporation of a simple waterless urinal Lew found on Amazon. He used an old black garden hose that runs down to a buried 12” diameter HDPE pipe with a cap that is 24” long. He then created a buried drywell by adding gravel and filter fabric. Say goodbye to those inconvenient trips out of your blind and hello to a more efficient hunting experience.


Shelf: Organized Storage

Ah, the shelf—the ideal solution for maximizing interior storage. Positioned above the urinal area, this shelf adds an extra layer of organization to the blind. Store your essential gear, snacks, and more, all within arm's reach, so you can stay focused on what matters most: the hunt. When asking Lew where he got this from, we were informed his wife might be missing something off the wall in their laundry room.

Heat Source: Keeping Cozy in the Cold

As the seasons change and temperatures drop, staying warm becomes paramount. The small propane heater from Cabela’s mounted on a stone base ensures that you can focus on the hunt, not the cold. With this cozy heat source, you'll remain comfortable and ready for action, regardless of the weather outside. Chilly weather is no match for this hunting blind.

Storage Box: Concealing Necessities

The camo-painted outdoor storage box provides ample space for your decoys, propane tanks, and any other essentials you need while on the platform. Everything you require is within arm's reach, yet neatly tucked away from sight.

From custom camouflage painting to innovative solar power, convenience-enhancing facilities, and organized storage solutions, Lew took his 6-Shooter and really made it his own. This compilation totals to around 12 or more days of work. For those of you wondering how long each of these additions took, here is an estimate of Lew’s time spent on his blind modifications:

- Assembling the Blind and Nex-Level Base: 1 day

- Crafting the Wood Base, Stairs, and Rails: 5 days

- Installing Solar Panel, Urinal, and Drywell: 2 days

- Constructing Drybox, Laying Rug, Adding Shelf and Hooks: 1 day

- Priming and Painting, Inside and Out: 3 days

- Additional time for transporting equipment to the field (given the logistical challenges of the location): 1-2 days

Thank you Lew, for making Maverick Hunting part of "Your Hunt" and allowing us to share your story