How Tall Should I Build My Platform?

How Tall Should I Build My Platform?

Posted by Rubline on 19th Aug 2022

You can set up your hard-sided blind at ground level or up on a platform. If you choose to elevate, how high should you go?

While there’s no one hard-and-fast rule, consider a few factors before building your platform to determine the best height for your hunting situation:

Line of Sight: Depending on the terrain and setup, you can maximize your opportunities by adding a few feet between yourself and ground-level deer. If you know where they typically enter the area or feed, ensure you have a good view from the windows.

Vegetation: Whether you’re on the edge of a well-maintained food plot, flourishing ag field, or thick, brushy woods, make sure you have a good vantage point from the blind.

Weapon: Shot distance and angle can vary greatly from rifle to recurve, so set up your blind with a single weapon in mind.

Scent & Concealment: At the right height and location, an elevated blind can help disperse scent higher and keep you out of the deer’s sight.

Safety: The higher you go, the more you’ll have to take precautions to ensure your blind stays secure in windy conditions. The higher the platform, the greater the fall risk too.

Setup: Setting up a sizable blind gets slightly more challenging the higher you build your platform, so make sure you’re well-equipped.

Some hunters opt for just a few feet off the ground, while others approach treestand heights. But between 5 and 10 feet works well for most hunters.