Revamping the Maverick XL: Unforgettable Hunting Memories with Family

21st Jun 2023

Who is your favorite person to hunt with? Your children? How can you make them comfortable and enjoy something you are most passionate about?

For Josh, insulating and staining his blind and base made that decision for him and his two sons just that much easier. "My favorite people to hunt with are my 10- and 14-year-old sons," says Josh, who revamped his Maverick XL blind in the spring of 2023. Pictured below is Josh's Maverick XL blind that he will share many hunts to come with his two young sons, who helped him customize his blind with stained and sealed ¾" green-treated plywood flooring and spray foam for insulation. To customize his Maverick XL even more, he painted the white foam black to prevent shadowing. "It took me a few hours to make it mine. I love how they turned out!"

Beyond Josh's customizations, his favorite part of his blind is the availability the all-around windows offer, which is a perfect fit for bow and rifle hunting. Thus, the reason for Josh's multiple blind purchase with Maverick Hunting, easy assembly, solid design, and enough room for all his favorite items, including his quiet rotating chair, rangefinder, snacks, and "old reliable" 30-30. Although his favorite hunting memory is not yet in his Maverick Blind, sharing a youth duck hunt story where his oldest son put out 50 shells for a limit of ducks hooked his son with one of Josh's favorite hobbies again, about 26 years to when he was young.

We are more than ready to hear the great memories he and his boys are going to make in their revamped Maverick XL blind. Josh's best advice starts with taking your time and completing your project in phases, as well as spending time with family and friends. Those are the memories Maverick Hunting loves to hear and encourages. It's not always about that trophy buck; sometimes that trophy comes with the memories made and the traditions you carry on.

A big thank you to Josh and his family for sharing their amazing stories and project, making his Maverick XL his very own!

Submitted by: Josh S.

Location: Minnesota