Hunting Blind Stencil Kit


Three (3) Piece Kit

Looking to camouflage your blind but don't know where to start? Blend into your environment using this easy-to-use camo stencil kit made for hard-sided hunting blinds. Personalize your hunting blind in no time, with a variety of large stencil designs. 


Size: 28" x 18"

Material: .030 PETG

Stencil Designs: Leaves, Camo, Grass

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Introducing our new 28" x 18" hunting camo stencil kit. Designed to help you effectively camouflage your hard-sided hunting blinds and seamlessly blend into your natural environment. This stencil kit is crafted to provide hunters with a practical and efficient solution for enhancing concealment and increasing chances of success in the field.

Each kit includes a set of three (3) high-quality stencils, which features camo, grass and leaf patterns, designed to replicate the natural textures found in many different environments.  Our stencils are easy to manage and can be reused multiple times. The handle on top allows for easy transportation and storage, as well as stability when painting.

Specifically designed to best fit the dimensions of Maverick® hard-sided hunting blinds, these stencils offer ample coverage with a generous size of 28"x18” and ensure a seamless camouflage application on your hunting blind.

Using our stencil kit is a breeze. The precise design of the stencils allows for seamless blending, creating a realistic look that can help you enhance your concealment and increase your chances of a successful hunt in no time.

Other ways to use our stencils: duck boats, duck blinds, hunting blinds, etc.

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