Submitted Story: Finding Comfort and Success in the Midst of Windy Challenges Last Year in Minnesota

27th Jul 2023

If you hunted in MN for the 2022 deer season, you'll remember it was EXTREMELY windy on the opening weekend...I made my mind up that I was no longer going to deal with these types of elements and hunt as comfortable as I could. I am super happy with how these blinds seem to function. Assembly is super easy, (pro tip - TAKE YOUR TIME). I build a frame out of heavy duty galvanized fence posts, I then build a treated wood platform and bolted that to the frame to rule out any weather destruction. I elevated my 5 shooter 15' in the air. I am super happy with how this turned out! I will no longer have to deal with yearly deer stand repairs, nor worry about my safety sitting in a wobbly wood build deer stand year after year. Thank you, Maverick!

Submitted by: Blaine Lokhorst

Location: Fergus Falls, Minnesota