The Best Ways to Secure Your Hard-Sided Blind

The Best Ways to Secure Your Hard-Sided Blind

Posted by Rubline on 19th Aug 2022

Hard-sided blinds can be great low-maintenance hunting tools, but it’s important to set them up properly so they stay sturdy and secure all through hunting season and for years to come.

A smooth, stable floor base and a secure platform — if you choose to elevate your blind — are crucial to your setup.

Although you could start from scratch, Maverick’s Next-Level Floor Base simplifies the process with a powder-coated steel frame that’s a breeze to assemble. Just add plywood to the base to create a solid floor, then screw on your blind. The Next-Level Floor Base measures 81 inches in diameter, and its four metal feet can elevate your blind several inches off the ground.

To get higher up, you can add Next-Level Mounts, which attach directly to the Next-Level Floor Base and fit 4x4 lumber. The set of four durable mounts are angled out 7 degrees so you can raise your blind as high as you need to without sacrificing stability.

If you’re building a squared-off platform from plywood, use Nex-Level Platform Mounts to brace the corners of your structure. The brackets are constructed of 11-gauge steel and accept 4x4 lumber. They also angle out 7 degrees for sky-high stability.

Whether you DIY the whole project or take advantage of dedicated accessories to expedite the process, don’t skimp on quality. For your safety and the longevity of your blind setup, stick with durable, high-quality hardware, lumber, and components.

Should You Elevate?

Although you can set up your hard-sided blind at ground level, elevating your blind just 5-10 feet off the ground can offer increased visibility, better conceal movement, and help your scent disperse higher.