What Type of Windows Are Best for Your Hard-Sided Blind?

What Type of Windows Are Best for Your Hard-Sided Blind?

Posted by Rubline on 19th Aug 2022

From compact one-man models to spacious designs that can accommodate a hunting buddy plus all your gear, hard-sided blinds are available in a variety of setups to suit any hunting style.

Once you determine the size and shape that works best for your needs, you’ll have the option to select your windows for a customized Maverick blind.

Vertical vs. Horizontal

Most Maverick blinds are available with all horizontal windows, primarily vertical windows, or a dual configuration with a mix of the two.

For hunters who shoot rifles or crossbows, horizontal windows offer plenty of space and visibility to comfortably take a shot. For archers who shoot compounds or long bows, vertical windows provide more maneuverability and flexibility to ensure a clear flight path for arrows.

If you hunt with both guns and vertical bows or plan to use some windows for visibility only and not shooting, the dual configuration is a great choice.

Tinted vs. Clear

In addition to choosing the orientation of your windows, you can also select from clear or tinted plexiglass.

While some hunters stick with the traditional clear windows, other hunters prefer tinted windows because they provide better concealment and make it tougher for deer to detect movement inside the blind. Hunters can still see out through the tinted windows, although some find it slightly difficult in low-light conditions. Especially with 360-degree views, tinted windows can help eliminate the problem of silhouetting.

Ultimately, it comes down to your individual hunting setup and preferences.