Plexiglass Window with Fan for Maverick® Blinds


- solar charging battery
- keeps moisture out of your blind 
- On/Off switch allowing you to save energy 
- reversible, bring air in OR push air out
- fan comes with a pre-cut window, making it easy to assemble
- easily to move from blind to blind without needing to drill any new holes
- stay concealed while still letting heat exit the blind

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Upgrade your hunting experience with our solar-powered window fan that works day or night. The fan is mounted into a 1/8" vertical plexiglass window to help keep your blind stay cool, dry and comfortable.  This Maverick® blind window upgrade will easily replace your existing vertical blind windows. It has quiet intake and exhaust blades which are water-resistant, safe and pollution-free.  The fan will also help to prevent moisture from collecting in your blind.

*Window hinges and window clips sold separately but not required.

6-Shooter Window Dimensions:
10.75" x 22.75"
XL Window Dimensions:
11.15" x 21.75"
Door and 5-Shooter Vertical Window Dimensions:
10.75" x 18.75"

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